Book an Appointment with Luna Mamá Services: Hola!Thank you for booking your appointment with me, I'm honored to be part of your healing journey.
Please make sure to save the appointment date in your calendar YOU WON'T GET A REMINDER only one confirmation email once your appointment is set.

Please wear comfort clothes and be ready to remove your shoes at the entrance. No children or companion person is allowed during the appointment.

Bring CASH to pay for your appointment or you can pay me through Venmo.

Make sure to read the TERMS and CONDITIONS link because this will apply to you.

Our address:
1545 Hotel Cir S #270, San Diego, CA 92108
(Madden Family Chiropractic office)

If you need to talk to me please text me or call to my cell phone (858) 634-0509

What to expect during your Initial Assessment:
- I will ask you general information regarding your health
- I will ask general information regarding your personal life
- I will explain a little about the way I work
- I will do a sobada of full body (including your uterus)
- I will give you recommendations to improve your health.

What to expect after your sobada?
-Feel sore for the following 3 to 5 days
-Avoid cold drinks, food, and showers after the sobada (only during the same day)
-Avoid having sex after the sobada (Let your uterus rest for 24 hours)

Extra steps due to COVID-19 season
-Please wear your mask
-I will take you body temperature at the entrance of the office
-You will fill out a form to evaluate your overall health in the past days.

Thank you for honoring this policy.


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