Book an Appointment with Classic Pianos Recital Hall: Welcome!
Thank you for choosing our recital hall. We are excited to have you.


The rental fee for our recital hall is $100.00 for the first two hours and $25.00 for every hour after the
initial two. We prefer payment in the form of cash, checks, or payment apps. Please make checks out to
the name of the person assisting you as soon as you get to the recital hall. They will meet you at your
scheduled time in the lobby. Upon receiving payment, the recital hall will be unlocked for you. If you
are planning on using a payment app, let us know in the notes of the appointment form ahead of time.
If all of those methods are unavailable, we can accept credit and debit cards, however, we do our best
to make sure our employees are paid immediately. When we take a card or a check made out to Classic
Pianos, the employee\'s payment gets delayed.

● Food and beverages (including beer and wine) are welcome.
● No glass in the recital hall.
● Please keep food and beverages away from the piano.
● If a food/beverage mess is made, please clean it up to the best of your ability.
● We have 2 tables available to use to place food on in the room outside of the hall.

We can accommodate a small sound system for your event. There will be a $30.00 rental fee for the use
of our equipment. Please let us know ahead of time if you will be renting it. Below is a list of what we

● 1 Loudspeaker
○ Can accommodate 2 microphones
● 2 Microphones
○ We only have one cable. If you want to use the 2nd mic, please bring a cable for it.
● 3 Microphone Stands
● 3 Music Stands

Please have all guests out of the building by the end of your time slot. We often have events back to
back and we schedule a buffer in between each recital to ensure we have enough time to prepare for
the next recital. If we regularly have people in the hall after their scheduled time, we will not know
how much time to schedule as a buffer before the next recital. We do our best to make sure your group
gets in on time and we ask for your help in making sure the group after you can get in on time as well.
If you find out halfway through your recital that your recital will run late, please let the staff member
on staff for the event know. If they get a notice, they\'ll be able to get in touch with the group following
yours so that everybody can stay on the same page as far as timing goes.

In relation to the above point, if you want to ensure you can have your recital started on time, please
schedule the time it takes you to set up. The door will remain locked until your scheduled time. If you
happen to come in early and there’s no recital before yours, we may be able to get you in with the cost
of the additional time added.

If you need to cancel your event, please cancel as far out in advance as you can. If you cancel within 24
hours of your event, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the cost of your recital.

Parking lot and street parking available. Please do not block the alley or loading dock.
We will need to interrupt your recital to ask guests to move their cars if our movers can’t get in.

Thank You!
If you have any questions:
Call: 303-777-2636
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