Book an Appointment with Walgreens Drive Thru Testing: IMPORTANT: THE COVID-19 TEST IS THROUGH THE PHARMACY DRIVE-THRU ONLY. We ask that you please DO NOT come into the store for a test. Upon arrival for the Covid test, please pull into the PHARMACY DRIVE-THRU. We ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. Please bring with you a valid state ID/Driver's License. You will be asked to provide a valid telephone number and email (if possible) for the purpose of obtaining the results. After the test is complete, we ask that you PLEASE do not call the store for the results as they will not have results to provide. Thank you.
For any patients booking an appointment at 11010, please understand that this location offers in-store testing. As such, they are unable to test patient presenting any current symptoms or who may have had close contacts with another exposed person. Thank you for your understanding.
Walgreens Drive Thru Testing