Book an Appointment with Capitol City Silks: For single student lessons, please choose the booking that is simply titled 'Private Lesson: _ minutes'. For Multi-Student private lessons, please choose 'Multi-Student Private Lesson: _ minutes'. Only one party from a multi-student lesson needs to make an appointment for the lesson, the other students must pay their deposit of $15 the day of booking and the remainder of their lesson fee at the lesson.
To pay your deposit if you are not the person making the multi-student booking, please Paypal or Venmo me by Searching for "The Local Eccentric" or by searching my phone number: 678-283-0697.

Cancelation Policy:
Must cancel a minimum of 12 hours before class
Must pay $15 deposit per student in advance
If you cancel closer than 12 hours to the scheduled class time, your deposit will be applied as a credit toward your next lesson.
Must book a minimum of 24 hours in advance
You get one late cancelation a month (a cancelation less than 12 hours from the scheduled time frame), no exceptions unless it's a literal catastrophe. Each subsequent late cancelation will result in an additional $15 fee.
Capitol City Silks
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