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What is Picktime?
Picktime is a free online scheduling platform through which businesses and consumers can book and schedule meetings, appointments, classes, events with each other and also with other businesses.
Picktime is not the common scheduling software you see on a daily basis. It is a platform which is mainly focussed on connecting businesses and clients through time. While businesses can manage appointments, classes and clients through Picktime, a consumer can use it to check his/her everyday schedule and also create events with friends and family.
We also provide personal calendars to every user of picktime. Every user can easily check his or her personal and business schedules whenever they want and from anywhere. It is as flexible as that. Be on time and always on track of your schedule with Picktime. For the best experience - sign up today. It’s totally FREE!
Can I Integrate my Picktime account with my Facebook Page and Website?
Yes! You totally can. We understand how important it is for you to turn your leads into customers. We have made the process easy for both your customers and you. Simply install a book now in your facebook page. Check our Facebook integration page for instructions.
Do you have Custom Features? How will they help me?
Yes we do provide the user with custom features. Custom features are extra functions that help in the advanced management of your business account. We provide features like:
  • Intake forms
  • Online Payments
  • Easy Multiple Location management
  • Class bookings
With features like this, Managing your business is easy-peasy and All this is available for FREE!
What are Classes? How do I use the feature?
Class bookings is feature with which you can let your clients book in groups with you. If you are a busy tutor or a gym owner, this feature is the best way you can use to maximise the time you spend with your clients. Simply create a class and add in the number of clients that can attend your class. Please check our How-to section for more info on class bookings.
How many staff and services can I add into the system?
There is absolutely no limit. You can add how many ever you want. Picktime is designed for business of any scale. You don’t have to pay any extra amount of money to add in more staff or more services. Happy booking! :)
Is your application mobile responsive?
Yes, our application is designed in such a way that it can be used from anywhere and at anytime to suit your comfort. Picktime can be used with your phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. You just need an internet connection and you are all set.
Can I sync with my Google Calendar?
Yes. Picktime automatically takes in your google calendar data and syncs into your business calendar. It blocks off that particular time so that nobody can book an appointment with you during those hours. Click here to learn more about the google calendar sync feature.
Can my employees have Admin access to the system?
Yes, They definitely can. You can either give a complete admin access or give them a combination of editable and viewable permissions. Check our Howto section for more details.
Do I need a website to use online scheduling?
No, you don’t have to. Picktime give you a booking page link which you can share with your customers and take online bookings. Not only that, you can customise your page just the way you want. To know more visit our booking page section.
Can I take bookings from my website?
Yes. Simply copy and paste the code that is generated in your business account to embed a booking widget in your website. Your clients can make bookings with you whenever they want without having to call you. Check our how to section on how to embed your widget. If you don’t have a webmaster or a developer on board do contact us and we will be happy to help you.
Does Picktime send appointment alerts?
Yes, Picktime does send sms and email reminders to your clients with the details of your appointment. You can decide how far ahead the reminders can be sent in to your customers. You can also change your settings accordingly.
Can I print-out my appointments for the day?
You can print out your appointments for that particular day or for the week. Not just that, you can print out sales reports too. You can either save them as a pdf or export into an excel sheet according to your convenience.
Can I limit how far ahead customers can book appointments?
Yes you can. You can preset booking, cancellation and rescheduling hours and it will automatically reflect in your booking page. Check our booking preferences section for details on to configure your booking preferences.
Do you have staff permission levels? What are the different staff permission levels?
Yes, we do. There are so many different combinations in which you can give permissions to your staff. We have mainly categorised them into admin, editable and viewable levels. You can set a combination of all these levels for your staff. For more details on staff permission levels click here.
Can each staff member have their own login?
Yes. each staff can have their own login. They can also manage their personal calendars along with their business calendars.
Can I have multiple staff logged in at the same time?
Yes. you can have multiple staff logged in at the same time.
Where is the data Stored?
On google servers.
How often do you add new features?
We roll in new features every week. We work continuously to make your experience smooth and better.
Do I need to be an IT expert to use Picktime?
Nope. We have put in all our efforts to make picktime a platform that is very easy to use and understand. If you are new to picktime and have any questions please do refer to our help center or feel free to contact us.
Does Picktime work in my Country?
Yes. Picktime works in all countries.
The business type i have choose doesn't suit my needs. What do i do?
Get in touch with our customer support and they will help you right away.
Can I change notification Email?
Yes you can. Send in your request at
Ofcourse! Go to online booking and click on booking preferences. Click on edit and type in the name you want.
Can I manage booking Hours of staff?
Yes, you can manage the booking hours of your staff. Click here to find out.
What forms of payment do you accept?
At the moment we have only enabled our checkout option. We will introduce stripe and paypal payments in the coming months.
Why is Picktime free?
Picktime is and will always be free for the first few businesses that register. It is a small token of love from us for all the support and feedback given. We do plan on introducing a pricing plan but we will keep it always free for businesses that register early.
Do you have a Demo?
We do not at the moment but please do contact us if you want to know how Picktime works.
Is my data safe?
Yes, It is absolutely safe. Picktime is cloud-based so all your data is encrypted. Nobody can access your information in anyway possible. And also Picktime uses SSL security and topnotch firewalls so your data is impossible to be unsafe
Are there any limits to my account?
There are currently no limitation to your account. Add unlimited services, staff and locations to your account and expand your business.
Is there an Offline mode?
Picktime is a platform which is completely online. At the moment Picktime is not available in offline mode but we are planning on making a few features available offline like adding new appointments and checking out clients.
Does Picktime use a lot of data?
No. Picktime doesn't use a lot of data.
Can some services be not available online?
Yes you can add in secret services so that they will not be available for online booking. Click here to know more.
Do you support multiple locations?
Yes, we do support multiple locations. You don’t need a different account to manage your branch location activities. Just add in all your locations and monitor your location activity from anywhere at any point of time.
Do you have a call center?
We don’t have a call center currently but we have team who will always be happy to help. Send in a mail or chat with our support team.
What do i get when i create a Picktime account?
You get a business calendar, a personal calendar, a customisable online booking page link through which you can let your clients book appointments 24X7.
Can I use Picktime in any browser?
Yes, you can use Picktime in any browser as long as you are connected to the Internet.
Can my clients see who else has booked for a specific event, class or session?
Nope. All the information is safe with us. A client will only be able see the slots and bookings times open for them.
Can I limit what features and data my employees can access?
Yes. We have created a system through which you can give a combination of editable, viewable and admin rights to your staff. Click here to Learn more.
How will I know when someone makes an appointment online?
An Email will be sent to you as soon as the client makes a booking with you. It also sends in alerts about the details of the booking to your clients. Click here to know how to configure your notification settings.
Can I block or make slots unavailable for my clients?
Yes. if you are unavailable for that particular hour or have somewhere to go, you can block the slots with a time blocker and your clients will not be able to make a booking with you for that period of time.
Can I still take appointments from clients who call instead?
Of course. Picktime is a very flexible platform to use. Simply click on the book an appointment button on your calendar and book in your walk-in or calling customer directly.

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