Book an Appointment with D'Shyla Hodge (Advising Hours): D’Shyla brings to the team her personal experience and knowledge on helping others prep for onboarding into college and applying for scholarships, her passion is to help other students with college preparation who are seeking scholarships to attend their college of choice. D’Shyla was able to receive her undergraduate and Graduate degrees without utilizing loans. D’Shyla has received over $100,000 in scholarships, grants, and assistantships which help pay for her college education. She has been titled “Debt free D\'Shyla.” She was a Graduate Assistant for the Office of Fellowships at Grand Valley State University. In this role, she was charged with assisting undergraduate students in applying for fellowships/scholarships for international study, research, professional development, and more. Throughout this role, D’Shyla continued to gain more experience and develop her essay editing skills even further. D’Shyla was instrumental in helping other students to receive prestigious fellowship opportunities to study abroad.

I want to help take the mystery out of college preparation and help students achieve their goals. I want to provide my services as a consultant here at Reimagine. I am here to support you as a resource. Schedule your appointment today at Reimagine!

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D'Shyla Hodge (Advising Hours)