Book an Appointment with Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Kent: WHEN BOOKING:
1. Each student can book 1 x class per week
2. JUNIORS & ADULTS - there are 2 x classes to chose from (1 & 2) each day. You must pick one class per week ONLY:
e.g. Junior 1 or Junior 2 (they are different times)
3. If there are spaces we will contact those students who have a twice a week training membership first.
4. You will need to book a separate booking for each family member.
5. Classes are limited to a max. of 10 x students


1. Full uniform & belt (MF or black / white t-shirt of hot)
3. Bottle of water for the class
4. All students will be required to wear trainers / martial arts shoes ONLY. Please do not bring children in flip-flops / school shoes / crocks or anything else they may wish to wear
5. Students are permitted to wear a suitable safety mask

For the younger children please ensure they have visited the toilet either prior to arrival or when they enter the building.


We have produced a “walk-through” video for you which is available to view o the “MF Kent Online Training” Facebook page. In addition, here are a few points. If you have any concerns please speak to us prior to the grading.

There is to be no contact between any students at any time unless in a medical emergency.

1. Students must arrive 15-min prior to the start time
2. Students will be asked to wait outside until invited in. Please observe social distancing guidelines. Parents / guardians / friends will not be permitted in the hall unless in an emergency
3. There will be a one-way system in and out of the hall
4. Please ensure you have visited the toilet before entering the hall
(Only 1 person allowed in the toilet at any one time – there are 2 toilets available)
5. All students must use the hand sanitiser station as they enter the hall
6. There will be a chair for each student to place any coats / belongings etc (please do not bring anything unnecessary e.g. clothes etc.)
7. Each student will have a designated box – entry and exit to each box is clearly marked
8. Students must, at all times, only use the allocated walk-ways when going to and from their box
9. Students must place their drinks and any medical requirements (inhaler etc.) inside their allotted box
10. Students will be actively encouraged not to sit / touch the floor at any time unless in an emergency.
11. In case of fire / an emergency please follow the directions of the examiners
12. At the end of the lesson students will be asked to exit one person at a time through the exit
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