Book an Appointment with Onsight Climbing Gym: **UPDATED 19 AUG 2020**

Bookings are only available for customers with SEASON PASS OR MULTI PASS ONLY (sharing of multipass is allowed).
Visit this link to buy multipasses:

Please book responsibly. Only book when you can commit to the time slot. Refrain from booking too many slots and cancelling one by one.

For customers using single entry, please come before 4.30 PM on weekdays or after 5 PM on weekends and public holidays.

By placing a booking, you agree to the cancellation policy below:

1) Cancellations are allowed if it is made at least 24 hours before your time slot. This gives other climbers ample time to take up the freed slot.

2) We will only accept email cancellations sent to No phone cancellation is allowed. Do state your name and the date and time of your booking.

3) Season Pass holders who do not turn up will be charged additional fees of $15 per missed slot the next billing cycle on top of the monthly bill.

4) Multi-pass holders will have a pass deducted if they do not turn up. If you are sharing your multi-pass with a friend and they do not turn up, a pass will be deducted from the main pass holder.

5) Double bookings will be treated as a "no-show" for the additional bookings and the respective charges apply.

Thank you!

Onsight Climbing Gym