Book an Appointment with Boulder World: **LOOK HERE!!**
- We require a 12 hour notice to cancel your bookings from 1 October 2020 onwards. Cancellation charges are stated below.
- Cancellations are to be made via the cancellation tab on our website. No more emails please!

Dear climbers,

Due to the increasingly high incidence rate of climbers who book and do not appear, we are put in an unwanted position of having to charge a fee for "no shows". We hope that all climbers book responsibly and spare a thought for other climbers.

1) Season Pass / ONEpass holders who do not turn up/double book will be subjected to charges.

2) Multipass holders will have a pass deducted if they do not turn up. Double bookings for the same slot will be treated as a "no show" for the additional bookings and the respective charges apply. If you are sharing your multipass with a friend and they do not turn up, a pass will be deducted from the main pass holder.

3) Non multipass/season pass holders will have their bookings removed 1 hour after the start of the time slot.

4) A multipass holder can only have a maximum of 5 passes deducted at one time.

5) Walk ins are allowed subject to availability.

6) Cancellations are allowed and no charge will be levied if the cancellation is made 12 hours before the start of your time slot.

7) For bookings, key in your full name and details. Names and details that do not match against your records in the gym will be denied entry.

8) Bookings are opened on Mondays(for following week's weekdays) and Saturdays(for following weekend).

Thank you for your time and do book responsibly.
Boulder World