Book an Appointment with Texas Lyme Alliance: Welcome to Lyme support with Dr. Wilson and Kristina Bauer! Feeling stuck? Let a second set of eyes help untangle the confusion that sometimes holds us back from moving forward in our treatment. Please fill in a short 1 paragraph of your treatment history in the field designated as you go through scheduling. This needs to reach us 2 days prior to your appointment with either of us. Once you schedule, you will receive a zoom link to connect. Although we are not able to treat or diagnose, the doctor will do a thorough history to confirm the diagnosis. Kristina offers support from experience and what\'s worked for all 5 of her family members, and can help you get clarity on improving your quality of life. There will be no recommendations made for any treatment, drug or clinic. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT. Good luck!
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