Book an Appointment with Ammanford Cricket Club: AMMANFORD CRICKET CLUB OUTDOOR NETS POLICY
We are very fortunate to have our Outdoor Nets and it has been a pleasure to see so many of our Members making the most of the facility.

In order to ensure that the nets are used safely and efficiently, we have brought in the following rules from this point forward, we ask all Members to please adhere to:

• Nets must be booked in advance using our booking system:
(this link is available on the Club App and Website)

• Please only book what you need.

• Anyone that is batting must wear a helmet, and all protective equipment relevant to gender and age.

• When either a F1 or Level 2 qualified Coach is not supervising the nets, they may only be used by Junior Members under the age of 16 when supervised by a parent. That parent must make the net booking via the app / web and supervise the usage for the whole session. The Club will not be responsible for any accidents or incidents which may occur during these bookings.

• The code for the lock must not be given to anyone that is not a member of the Club.

• No eating inside the Net area.

• No smoking or Vaping inside the Net area.

• The nets are to be left in a clean & tidy state and all rubbish removed.

• If you are unable to use your booked nets, please ensure you cancel your slot, so someone else has the opportunity to use them.

• When making your booking, you are agreeing to all of the above.

• Anyone failing to adhere to these rules will face disciplinary action by The Committee, with the possibility that they could be suspended or banned from using the facility in the future.

Any questions, please contact the Club Chairman Peter Davies, Junior Co-Ordinator Dave Pallot or Safeguarding Officer Richard Evans.

We thank you all for your co-operation with this going forward.
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