Book an Appointment with Timberlake Water Ski Club: Welcome to the RADAR SKIS 2022 Eastern Regionals Practice and VIP Parking Signup.
1) Select the event which you would like to practice or VIP Parking
2) Click Timberlake Practice on "Team Member" screen
3) Pick a time (time doesn\'t matter for parking)
Slalom and Trick , pick any available time.
Jump practice is available Mon. and Tues. 11a - 1:30p and 4:30 - 7p (Jump drivers will be available during those times)
Jump practice is also available Wed. and Thur. evening at the conclusion of the day\'s competition.

4) Complete payment

Please call us at 703-395-7891 or email if for any reason you need to reschedule your booking.

*Please indicate under "Booking Notes" if this practice is for a skier other than the addressee.

Thank you, and enjoy, "The Magic of Timberlake"
Timberlake Water Ski Club
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