Book an Appointment with UMMA, Doncaster East, VIC 3109. Religious facilities.: ASSALAMU ALAIKUM dear community members


JUMA Attendee must check-in at the door using QRCODE as per the new COVID regulations starting from 16/4/21. Please ensure your mobile is QRCODE ready. STRICTLY THE ENTRY IS via QRCODE REGISTRATION at DOOR ONLY .

NOTE THAT ONCE THE HALL IS FULL you need to wait for second session.

If you come late then DO NOT squeeze into suff .Always Keep one musallah space between you and others on both sides.


UMMA runs 2 Juma sessions , the winter SESSION times are
- 12:15pm (Session 1)
- 01:30pm (Session 2)
Note: We have sisters prayer facilities

The first day of ramadan is 13th of ApriL (refer Australian National Imams council announcement

At UMMA the Taraweeh prayers (20 Rakats) will commence from Monday 12th of April after Isha at 7.45 pm InShaAllah

We must do QRCODE check-in at entry as per DHHS requirements. No pre-booking required.

Please park your cars appropriately without blocking any neighbours driveways or cycle and footpaths. Avoid Daws Rd street parking as it is the most congested area during Ramadan.

At UMMA front parking near men’s area (via 1st gate on daws rd) is designated for people who pray 20rakaht. The ladies side (rear gate on daws rd) is designated for the people who pray 8 rakats.

Please check our website
for more updates close to the Ramadan

We sincerely thank you for your support.

Ramadan mubarak to all the community

Given the JUMA & TARAWEEH prayers are longer than 15 minutes activity , you must comply the following.
- YOU MUST bring MASK & WEAR MASK if you cannot maintain 1.5 meter social distancing for the safety of yourself and our elderly members.
- Wear socks
- Do WUDU at home.
- If you are not well, have covid symptoms, awaiting Covid test results, have family member who is not well or in quarantine or in isolation, then you must not enter UMMA.
- Please notify UMMA via email to or text to 0402466786 when you have been advised to isolate or tested positive.

UMMA team
Date UPDATED 12/4/2021 06:45PM
UMMA, Doncaster East, VIC 3109. Religious facilities.
Starting From 16/04/21 JUMA Registrations via QRCODE at the door only