Book an Appointment with REC CENTER: RESERVATIONS START JULY 1, 2021.
~Reservations may be made one week in advance.

~Wear a mask unless you are fully vaccinated.

~Maximum of TWO household members can use one reserved room slot - BOTH PEOPLE MUST SIGN IN!

~You MUST have a reservation to use the Cardio Room, Pool Tables & Wi-Fi.

~You are required to clean the cardio equipment, Pool Table accessories & table space you use BEFORE AND AFTER, NO EXCEPTIONS.

You may reserve:
TWO 1/2 hour (consecutive) slots for the Cardio Room
FOUR 1/2 hour (consecutive) slots for the Pool Tables or Wi-Fi use
Bookings are every hour and every 1/2 hour so you must adhere to your time slot(s) and be done on time.

~YOU must use the sign-in/out sheet on the counter.
Personal Meetings and Services/Community Services