Book an Appointment with South Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Peer Support Service: The South Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Support service runs 7 support groups locally. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 (Cornoavirus) it is not currently possible to hold face to face support groups. In its place, appointments are available to book to speak with one of our breastfeeding counsellors. We will be using a video conference system to do this called Zoom. Please note, this is only for residents of South Gloucestershire.For more information on our service, please visit

Barnardo's Breastfeeding Support Service is funded by South Gloucestershire Council.
It is important to both of us that the service is accessed equally by all South Gloucestershire parents regardless of race, age, disability and sexuality.
In order to monitor this we would be grateful if you could answer a few confidential questions on booking.
South Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Peer Support Service