Book an Appointment with Byzance Belly Dance: Welcome to the online booking page for classes with Byzance Belly Dance. We offer a range of classes (more coming soon) plus 1:1 sessions and occasional workshops. Our classes cater to various levels as follows:-
Level 1 - Total Beginner (no previous belly dance experience required)
Level 2 - Confident Beginner (you will have a reasonable grasp of the basic moves and enjoy a faster paced class which will challenge you to improve your knowledge and technique)
Level 3 - Improver (you will have at least 6 months recent belly dance experience, be confident with the basic moves and be comfortable learning choreographies)
Level 4 - Intermediate (you will have a good level of knowledge of belly dance, recent dance experience and be confident performing choreographies. You will be keen to work towards improvisation and performing at student-level events if you are not already doing so).

Please contact if you have any questions about the class levels.
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