Book an Appointment with JurAvon Park Equestrian Centre: Please read carefully!!!- Before you make your booking please be certain that you will be able to make your time. If times continue to be booked and then cancelled with in 24 hours of the time slot we will be forced to implement a cancellation fee to avoid times being booked and cancelled at the last minute.
- Parking is strictly along the north side of the stables or at your paddock.
- The stable are not a thoroughfare! You must walk around to access the yards, gallery etc.
- It is expected that each person is responsible for keeping their yard and the area in front of it neat and tidy at all times. - -
- We have attached rug, saddle and bridle racks to each yard so use them.
- Horses are to be tied up to the tie up rings provided on the rail facing the stables at all times.
- Manure, hair, hay, feed is to be cleaned up prior to riding and when you have finished.
- There is a spray bottle with disinfectant and plastic gloves for you to spray down the wash bay taps after use.
- The orange scrapers are to be placed in the white bucket that contains soapy water after use.
- Used towels are to be placed in the black bin marked used towels.
- If you are using a gravel yard, please rake it flat after use.
- If you are using a concrete yard please sweep and hose out after use.
- The area between the tack rooms and feed room is to be kept clear of any gear at all times.

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