Book an Appointment with Eagle Valley HS Athletic Training: Welcome to EVHS Athletic Training Room, use this site to schedule appointments with Amy.
-Please make an appointment for evaluation, 1v1 rehab, taping, or any other 1v1 treatments with Amy. Serious injuries and first aid will still be seen during practices without need for an appointment.
-Appt during the school day are at your teacher\'s discretion, or parents need to sign you out with the attendance office for that time.
-After your evaluation appt your prescribed rehab is to be done daily but does not require an appointment at this time.
-Upon entry to the AT room please fill out the signin QR or on the laptop and wash your hands. Following your treatment please clean your area with spray provided and wash your hands before leaving.
-Any appointments may be discontinued/cancelled or rescheduled due to incoming triage and acute injuries requiring immediate attention. In-Season athletes have priority and out of season athletes\' appointments may be rescheduled as needed.
-Please do NOT report to the AT room if you feel sick in anyway or are quarantine or in isolation.
-No call/No show will lose scheduling privileges. Please email Amy (listed below) if you need to cancel or reschedule
-Telehealth available
Thank you for your patience. Any question or concerns please contact Amy at
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