Book an Appointment with The Showroom Climbing Centre: Competent Climbing Session

These sessions are bookable for those climbers who are competent (can tie in and belay safely) and their guests at a ratio of 1 competent, 2 novices. If you are new to the centre, please visit our forms page where you can print off and complete the required forms prior to your arrival. This will increase the speed of your check-in and give you more climbing time.

Kid's Clubs

We are currently running a limited service with regard to our kids clubs, we are only running sessions for those who can put on a harness, tie in and belay independently. These sessions are the Teenage Club and Little Ninja's Advanced. Little Ninja's Advanced requires the agreement of an instructor to participate in those sessions, please do not book if you have not had this discussion with an instructor. If you are new to Teenage Club, please contact us via phone or email to book as we need to put extra provision in place for beginners. Please be aware, there is no viewing area for the climbing wall. This unfortunately means that we cannot facilitate spectators at this time. Our cafe in the conference centre will be open during session times.

Intro Course

Intro Courses are for adult (18+) beginners who wish to become competent climbers. We teach you how to put on a harness, tie in, belay and lots of other tips and tricks so that you feel confident and safe when visiting the wall. The course consists of two parts both 1.5hrs long. It costs £40 and this covers both sessions. You are only required to book into the part 1. We will book you in for the Part 2 upon completion of Part 1.


When booking please view our booking terms & conditions.


Payment is made upon arrival, and we are currently only accepting card payments.

See you on the wall!

The Showroom Climbing Centre