Book an Appointment with BCMA Richmond Jamia Masjid: Assalaamu Alaykum,Welcome to Richmond Masjid\'s Online Room Scheduling Booking Portal
Reference the Terms & Conditions, Damage Deposits are applicable for bookings
Rooms are booked for 60min time slots. Allow 30 minutes between for prep/clean up and inspection
Below are the steps to follow in order to book the Masjid Facility Rooms /Halls :
1. Create a member profile
2. Select Room of choice, fill out the required fields of the booking request form.
3. Confirm Booking Schedule & Time
4. Book Your Room & Receive Confirmation email message
5. Within 2/3 business days a representative from the Richmond Masjid Management ( Men\'s/Women\'s Board
Directors/Officials) will contact you to confirm your selected booking.
6. Prior to your scheduled booking event a Richmond Masjid Management representative (Board Director/Officials)
will schedule a meet time to go over the pre-event checklist of facility standards and conditions. The same
checklist will be used at the end of your booked event to verify conditions were met for a final deposit return.
Let us all do our part to keep the beautiful house of Allah Azzajawal clean /tidy and a place where we can find solstice, comfort, and a closeness to Allah SWT
Jazak Allah Khair,
Asalamalukum wa Rahamatullahi wa Barakatu
Richmond Masjid Management Team
BCMA Richmond Jamia Masjid
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