Book an Appointment with HERITAGE REHABILITATION CENTER: Updated 08/07/2021
As directed by CDPH and the Governor\'s Health Officer Order, ALL VISITORS must provide PROOF of vaccination status before entering the building. NO UNVACCINATED PERSONS will be allowed inside the resident\'s room. Unvaccinated or Partially-vaccinated visitors will only be allowed in the outdoor patio UNLESS they can provide proof of a NEGATIVE COVID-19 result within the PAST 72 HOURS.

LA County has re-issued a MANDATORY INDOOR MASK MANDATE for ALL persons, REGARDLESS of vaccination status. Masks must remain on while walking through the facility and even while visiting in the resident\'s room. Visitors must stay 6ft. away from all staff, other residents, and other visitors outside their household.

Percentage of vaccinated staff = 98%
Percentage of vaccinated residents = 99%
Cases of COVID-19 = 0

>> Who can be visited: Any resident who does not currently have any symptoms of COVID-19

>> Who can visit: Any person over the age of 14 who does not currently have symptoms of COVID-19 OR any recent (within 14-days) exposure to a person who is COVID+. Children and pets are not permitted indoors but may be allowed for Outdoor Visitation if they are not disruptive.

>> If visitors and/or resident are NOT completely/ fully vaccinated: Visitors must maintain social distancing inside the room.

What is "Fully Vaccinated"? This means that at least 2 weeks have passed since your final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

We have two designated areas for Indoor Visitation. These visits must be pre-scheduled and will take place in 30-minute intervals starting at 12:00PM until 5:00PM (last appointment) Mon-Fri. We ask that you make all appointments at least ONE DAY IN ADVANCE.
Weekends- Outdoor Visitation (Patio) only.

Please call the Facility if you are unable to visit during normal business hours so we can arrange for a visit on a case-by-case basis only. All residents are limited to 1 visitation appointment per day at this time.

There are 3 rooms available for indoor visitation:

-- Room 11 (For residents in rooms 1-37)
-- Room 71 (For residents in rooms 38-73)
-- Room 72 (For residents in rooms 38-73)

There are also 3 slots for Outdoor Visitation for residents in any room:

-- Booth #1
-- Booth #2
-- Booth #3

Please follow all the directions of the assigned Visitation Staff member. All visitors will be pre-screened prior to visitation. Please call the facility and ask to speak with the Activities Department for more information.

Please understand that Visitation is a voluntary activity and exposure to COVID-19 during travel to and from the facility is an inherent risk. If you or any of your household members are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, PLEASE POSTPONE YOUR VISIT. If you develop symptoms up to 3 days AFTER your visit, PLEASE call the Facility to inform the Infection Preventionist. If you test POSITIVE for Covid-19 within 1 WEEK AFTER visiting your loved one, you are also mandated by the Local Health Department to inform the Facility.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our residents safe during this time of pandemic. We look forward to seeing you soon.