Book an Appointment with JurAvon Park Equestrian Centre: Important Event Dates!! JPEC has an event on in the indoor arena on the 19th and 20th of December. This means riders can not book/ ride in the indoor over this weekend. The outdoor arenas are available.

Public riders please read these conditions carefully.
- Before you make your booking please be certain that you will be able to make your time. Public cancelations within a 24 hour period will incur a $20 fee.
- Parking is strictly within the marked public parking signs.
- You must only use the designated yard to tack and untack.
- You must only use the designated wash bay area.
- Use the disinfectant spray bottle provided on taps and hose after use.
- Before entering the gallery/ toilets you must sanitise your hands using the touch free sanitisers provided.
- You must follow all personal Hygiene recommendations.
- Manure must be picked up from yards and arenas and placed in appropriate bins.
- You must stay within your allocated time slots.
- Masks must be worn at all times covering your nose and mouth except when on your horse.

Agistees please read,
- Manure, hair, hay, feed is to be cleaned up from your tie up place prior to riding and when you have finished.
- There is a spray bottle with disinfectant and plastic gloves for you to spray down the wash bay taps after use.
- Used towels are to be placed in the black bin marked used towels.
- If you are using a concrete yard please sweep and hose out after use.
- The area between the tack rooms and feed room is to be kept clear of any gear at all times.
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