Book an Appointment with Next Steps of O'Connor Foundation: Get moving with Adaptive Group Exercise! Register for all class options here to reserve your space. Please note: Once you make an account, you can simply log in to add more classes to your schedule!
*NEW CLIENT REGISTRATION: Before starting class, remember to take advantage of our FREE HEALTH SCREEN before your first class! After filling out registration information, click the TERMS AND CONDITIONS link above the "BOOK APPOINTMENT" button to provide health information through a secure portal.

*FOR ZOOM CLASSES, please have the following available if possible:
-Elastic resistance (search for "SPRI Exertube resistance bands with door anchor attachment")
-Light free weights (water bottles or soup cans work! 1-5 lbs is great to start. Velcro weights are great for difficulty with grip)
-Hand Towel
-Small ball (unweighted, search "childrens play ball" 8-13 inch diameter)

* Social Distancing, mask use, and hand hygiene/PPE will be used until state restrictions are lifted.
*For user privacy, no recording or live streaming of classes is permitted. By using this service, you are agreeing to this and other terms and conditions listed in registration information.
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