Book an Appointment with The Fitness Edge: Fitness Edge Members,

It is great to be on the way back and offering our members some outdoor training options.
We note that due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and conditions that there are some key points you will need to note in order to take part in our Outdoor Classes. Please read below before placing your booking.

NOTE: Bookings open up on Sunday for the following week's classes.

• All participants must be financial members of The Fitness Edge and participants must have completed a safety screen in the past when joining.
• All Members must ensure they bring a Towel and Water Bottle along to the class.
• All Members MUST follow the Entry Conditions outlined below.
• Members are encouraged to bring their own mat to the class. We will have mats available if required.
• Payments must be cashless via Visa or Debit card at Club Reception prior to attending the class. This can be done no more than 20 minutes prior to class starting.
• Members must meet on Level 4 of the club’s car park 10 minutes prior to the start of the class for set up and briefing.
• We hope that members enjoy being back in training mode as we continue to open more classes and our Gym ASAP.


We want to ensure the health and safety of all members and guests. Due to this, entry is conditional on acceptance of the following conditions:
1. That I do not have any symptoms of fever, sore throat, temperature or illness, fatigue or shortness of breath,
2. That I have not been in the company of anyone exhibiting the above symptoms,
3. I accept that I will abide by social distancing requirements,
4. That if requested, records of members’ attendance will be provided to relevant government departments specifically for COVID-19 tracing, and
5. Any non-compliance of above or with a direction to move, relocate or leave the venue operations from non-compliance may result in your details being passed to authorities.
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