Book an Appointment with Serenity Fitness Yoga & Reiki, LLC: PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CLASS WAIVER! Either click the waiver button after you book or fill one out in the studio before class. THANKS! (One time only, please)

💥 If you would like to book a last minute or same-day appointment, you must contact me first to make sure I am aware. Please call the studio at (270) 998-8007 and leave a message or send a text to (270) 681- 0890. I do not get instant notification when appointments are made. 💥

🧘‍💜 Welcome to my studio! Please, if you have any underlying conditions during this global pandemic, use your best judgement when attending public events. There are now 9 spaces available in the studio. Masks are not required if you have been fully vaccinated. The studio is sanitized between classes. Please feel free to bring all your own props (yoga mat, blocks, strap, blanket, etc...) but I have some available for use that may be cleaned after your session. Pillow cases are available to use with our bolsters if you like. Hand sanitizer is available upon entering the studio. Also, please remove your shoes and place them on the rack to the right.

🧘‍💜 CANCELLATION POLICY: If you are unable to attend your reservation, you must call the studio at (270) 998-8007 and leave a message, send a text to (270) 681-0890, email, OR use Facebook messenger at to cancel. Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours prior to your session. If you fail to cancel in time, you will forfeit your ability to schedule future classes/ sessions without paying up-front. This payment will not be refundable should you fail to cancel again. (I understand that life absolutely happens, especially at the last minute. We\'re all human, so don\'t be afraid to let me know. Just don\'t make a habit of it as space is extremely limited due to the pandemic.)
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