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We are operating on a booking system for all our classes now. We cannot accept walk-ins and are unable to take cash payments at present. Please select the class that you wish to attend and make sure that you read all and understand all of the information provided. Once you make your booking, payment must be made irrespective of whether you attend the class or not. You will not be allowed in if you arrive after the start time.

If you do not have a valid Concession Card, you can make payment via PayPal to A casual class is $15 and a 10 trip is $110 (there are no other cards available at this time). For seniors (65+), under 21's and Community Service Card holders, a casual class is $11 and a 10 trip is $90. Payment must be made immediately after making your booking.

If you do not have your own toning sticks then we can lease a pair to you to use until further notice. The cost to you will be $5 however we will charge you $30 up front and we will refund the difference upon the return of the sticks. If you select that you are paying for goods or services then a PayPal fee will be automatically deducted. We will refund you the difference (upon return) between $5 and what we receive from PayPal.

You will only be able to collect the sticks from a class that you are attending (or ask someone else to collect them for you if you cannot attend).
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