Book an Appointment with BYU Dance Medicine & Wellness Facility: APPOINTMENTS with a Dance Medicine Athletic trainer are 40 MINUTES long, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled appointment – IF YOU ARRIVE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT MORE THAN 10 MINUTES LATE, IT WILL BE CANCELLED. A certified athletic trainer will provide evaluation and treatment of dance-related injuries. Only active students (currently enrolled in on-campus classes) of the following groups may sign up for appointments: BYU Dance Majors (BFA, BA, Ed), BYU MDT Majors, Ballroom Dance Co (Tour), CDT, IFDE, Living Legends, Theater Ballet, Young Ambassadors, DancEnsemble, Ballroom Showcase, Ballet Showcase, Folk Dance Backup (Traditionz), Kinnect, BYU Dance faculty
FLOAT TANK: Float times are 40 minutes long, please arrive ON TIME for your scheduled float time IF YOU ARRIVE FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES LATE, IT WILL BE CANCELLED. Floats are 31 minutes long with the extra time (9 min) for changing clothes and cleaning the tank after your float. Floats are for anyone who has access to the facility (see above list); however, priority will be given to those with concussions and/or acute injuries. If the float schedule is full and a CERTIFIED ATHLETIC TRAINER determines someone needs a float, your float time may be given to the priority/injured dancer. This will only occur if absolutely necessary and you will be notified to reschedule. The float tank is located in 173B RB (the old men’s bathroom inside the Dance Medicine Facility). Read and follow ALL of the instructions posted in the float room carefully.
BYU Dance Medicine & Wellness Facility
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