Book an Appointment with Rowing South Australia: Welcome to the RowingSA Indoor Rowing Room Online Booking portal. The room is for the use of all SA clubs and athletes and must be treated as a communal resource. As such the equipment must be treated with the utmost respect. Please clean after use and report any damage to the association.
Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that both the room and ergos are maintained in proper working condition. This is a community resource so your respect and common sense is appreciated.

• All users must be associated with a club or school. PLEASE EMAIL if you do not have your specific alarm code.

• All athletes under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a coach.

• Ensure footwear is clean before entering.

• No food/sugary drinks in the rowing room – Water only.

• If you make a mess – clean it up. Cleaning equipment is kept on shelving.

• Report any damage to

• Leave the machines and room as you found them.

• Properly sanitise your machine after use.

• Make sure you check lights, fan, a/c, turn on alarm and lock door before you leave.

• Good vibe music only!

PLEASE NOTE - SASI have priority booking ONE MONTH in advance. Any booking one month in advance will be subject to confirmation from the administrator. Thanks for your understanding.
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