Book an Appointment with The Local Eccentric: Please contact me 6782830697 or email for more information!• Dress code - NO zippers, jeans, bare legs, bare underarms or bare ankles. Please wear things like leotards with tights, yoga pants, leggings made for exercise, bodysuits, shorts with tights, long sleeve shirts, shirts that cover your waist. (Zippers can tear fabric and the reason to cover your waist, underarms and ankles is so you can prevent silk burns)
• Hair must be up, do not come to class with hair that can be caught in the fabrics. (Ouch!)
~I have moved to new locations! I am no longer affiliated with Capitol City Silks or Capitol City Cheer. I\'m now located in Columbia, MO.~
*Currently not teaching tumbling until further notice.*
The Local Eccentric
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