Book an Appointment with ** Safety Management Measures As of 27 September 2021**
In order to adhere to the new safety measurements, we advise all climbers to read our following guidelines as follows. Note: All climbers will need to show your Vaccination status upon entry.

For Fun Zone @ Level 1:
For families with kids age 12 years and below, group of 2 (1 Adult and 1 child) must be from same household regardless of VAX, accompanying adult must be fully vaccinated, and all to wear mask at all times.
Minimum requirement on admission to Fun Zone: Aged 4 & above AND weigh 15 kg & above.

For Climb Zone @ Level 3:
Group must not be more than 2 and must climb on alternate lanes. All to be fully vaccinated and wear mask at all times.
(Note: At this moment, 12 years and below are not allowed to climb at Climb Zone)

**1. T&Cs for Entry to Our Premises and Climbing Facilities**

1.1 Waiver forms must be completed for every person on their first visit at For person under age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must complete the waiver form before you are allowed entry to our climbing facilities. The waiver form is accessible at

1.2 You are only permitted entry to our premises within 30 minutes from your booked time slot.

1.3 Only climbers and supervising adults are allowed entry to our climbing facilities.

1.4 Supervising adult is mandatory for all climbers aged below 13. Maximum ratio is 1 supervising adult to 1 children. Swapping is NOT allowed. (Entry fee for each supervising adult is $10)

**2. T&C for Timeslot Booking**

2.1 A slot is for each person to enter the climbing facilities. For e.g. Book 1 slot for climber & another slot for supervising adult. (Entry fee for each supervising adult is $10)

2.2 Each climber and supervising adult is only permitted to book 1 time slot per day.

2.3 Please show email confirmation of your booking to our friendly staff to gain entry to our climbing facilities.

2.4 Climbers who arrived late will be allowed entry to climbing facilities at your booked time slot but there is no extension to your climbing hours past the time slot.

2.5 Climbers who do not arrive within first 30 minutes of the start time will have to yield their position if there are climbers on waiting list.

2.6 If you are unable to make it for the booked time slot, please contact us at 9832 7656 so that we can take prompt action to cancel the booking and open the spot for another climber.

** reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. In the case of any disputes arising from the T&Cs, the decision of shall be final. **