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Don’t have a website to get new leads or create new ones into customers? With Picktime, you can not just create a calendar to look after your business and everyday appointments, you can also create a new booking page for your business and let your clients book appointments online.

Forget hiring somebody to take your appointments on your behalf or having to take calls by yourself when you are in a busy client meeting. Simply send or share your booking link to your customers and you are all set. You will never have to worry about a phone that constantly rings or a losing customers.

Picktime - Online Appointment Scheduling Software and Booking System

You can not just let your customers book appointments, you can customise it the way you want. Monitor the times in which you will be available to your clients and how in advance they can take an appointment with you. There also other features which you can add into your booking page like intake forms and customers details. If your customer is a returning customer you can save their details and add in an offer once in awhile.

Customise your booking page now and say goodbye to picking up phones during unconventional times and answering client queries. Increase your business scale by leaps and bounds.

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Our team at Picktime has put effort into creating a platform that is SME friendly.
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Picktime is one stop solution which address all your problems and helps you manage your time better.

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