Golf Classes Scheduling Software

Golf Classes Scheduling Software

Online scheduling is a great way to improve profitability for Golf classes. Do you offer training and classes? Do you teach golf and get tired of scheduling the lessons manually? In this case, you should check out the Picktime golf class scheduling software. Our management software is not only for golf lessons, it is made for any type of class and this has allowed us to gain experience and fine tune our software to perfection.

Picktime is a easy-to-use online booking system for Golf classes to manage appointments and bookings in the most effective way. Have your calendar fully booked without your phone ringing once. What we can promise you with Picktime is that we have taken the scheduling experience of your customers as our primary design goal and managed to create an interface which is quick and appealing. With Picktime online scheduling calendar, booking golf lessons has never been this easy. You can set your available hours and lesson types such as private lessons and group lessons. Your students will do the rest. The days of limited opening hours for bookings are gone, with Picktime you’re business is open 24/7! Picktime takes care of tiring and time-consuming administration work, allowing you to focus more on growing your business and revenue.

Key Features:

Benefits of Picktime for Golf Classes

Communication with your customers

Picktime connects you with each of your customer's personal profiles, providing you with useful information such as personal details, booking details etc. Every student has his own personal file within your online calendar, where you can manage their scheduling easily and they will get notified for their current appointments.

Always at your fingertips

With your schedule in your hands, you can instantly create and update services. Add new services that automatically sync with your Picktime online booking calendar. Your clients can view your available time slots and book. It's simple, intuitive and instant. Stay organized and boost productivity by easily managing multiple staff schedules.

Auto Reminders

Your clients get instant email and SMS reminders for every appointment they book, cancel or reschedule. Say goodbye to missed appointments. You can avoid up to 24% of no shows daily which means your revenue grows constantly.

Book Now Button

Your clients can connect to you even on mobile or with any internet connected device and can see when you are available from anywhere anytime. You will have a custom unique booking page for your appointments which is accessible to everyone. If you have an existing website, simply add a Picktime booking button to turn your website into an appointment booking engine!

Online Calendar

Let your clients book online 24/7 with no intervention even when your business is closed. You will see the appointments created directly or the ones coming automatically online in the 3 different calendar views: day, week, or month. Get your business under control.

Customers list

You have a complete list of your customers with all their contact details and annotations. You will have full control of all your customers, both the ones who make an online booking and the ones you enter manually on your calendar. You can send direct notifications both by email and SMS.

Staffs and profiles

You can create different access roles for your staff. You can set specific permissions for editing or view the different sections of the dashboard and set which calendars are accessible for which users.

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We understand how annoying it is to get disturbed by phone calls and dealing with customers whose appointments have mixed up. Picktime is the one stop solution for all your problems.

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