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For Design Consultancies, online scheduling is a vital lead generation tool. For many people, finding the perfect design for their houses, offices, and even website design is the biggest challenge. Design consultancy plays an important role in cornering their issues, providing the right advice and solving them. Having your appointment booking online is really a good idea for your business growth.

Picktime is a free web based appointment scheduling software where you can manage your appointments, staff, services and clients. In the age of millennials, appointment scheduling through phone calls and messages is mossy. Your customers can book appointments online with our appointment booking system. It helps you lock-in a phone call, which is valuable in turning every lead into a client. Picktime can be accessed from anywhere as it is a browser based appointment scheduling software. It reduces your appointment management errors.

Key Features

  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders
  • Detailed Reports
  • 24hrs Email Support
  • Add Services
  • Add Staffs
  • Recurring Appointment Booking
  • A personalize booking page for your business
  • Multiple location access
  • Manage staff schedules

Benefits of Picktime for Design Consultants:

Appointment scheduling made easy

Picktime has been optimized for all mobile devices so you and your employees can manage your appointments while on the road in a quick and easy fashion and even better. If you postpone or cancel an appointment, your customer will automatically be notified of the changes via text or e-mail.

Customer management

Picktime makes customer and appointment management easy. Your customer details get stored into your database when they book their first appointment. That way you always have an overview of all necessary information and all booked appointments. Additionally, Picktime gives you an analysis of your employee workload and the frequency of booked services. The integrated search feature helps you locate this information in a jiffy.

Employee management

Create a personal profile for yourself and your employees and add defined work hours and services. This way you make sure that your customers can only book services with a specific employee who is actually available. Picktime allows you to manage every employee profile in an easy and centralized manner and lets you give employees individual access and editing rights.

Reminder service

Reduce no-shows with Picktime's automatic appointment reminder feature. Your customers will be notified of the upcoming appointment via email or text. The notification message and the time it is sent out can be chosen at your discretion. Create win-win situations by saving your time and reminding your customers of their appointments at the same time.

Online appointment booking through your website

Speed up your direct business! With Picktime, you offer your customers the possibility to access all available appointments online and book one right away. You can integrate the Picktime online booking widget(Book Now Button) into your website.

Data security

Picktime makes sure that your business and customer data is securely protected. All data transmissions are encrypted and subjected to strict privacy laws. The Picktime online booking system guarantees the highest level of protection.

Flexible management of services and prices

Show your customers what offers you have and using Picktime, you can define your entire service catalog with just a few clicks. categorize all services that can be booked online in a quick and easy fashion. Additionally, add images, detailed descriptions, and prices. Define the duration as well as preparation and follow-up times. Once the booking is complete, the details regarding the time and services will automatically be added to your calendar.

Unique, entirely automatic calendar synchronization

Thanks to the automatic transmission of all online bookings to the Picktime calendar, you're always on top of everything. Sync our appointment calendar with your favourite calendar. All corresponding customer data that is created automatically during the first online booking will be synchronized as well.


Picktime offers a free solution for scheduling needs. It is simple and extremely easy to use. It is the only scheduling platform where you can manage both your personal and business calendars all in one place. Signup now!

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