Interview Scheduling Software

Interview Scheduling Software

Interviews are a vital part of the hiring process, and also one of the most logistically challenging. Putting together an interview schedule that works for everyone is hard enough. And when you consider the possibility of going back and forth on email threads that don't talk to your interview scheduling software, the challenge just compounds. When your job is dedicated to finding the right candidate for the job, managing the troubles that come with bookings can be a total pain. Whether you are scheduling interviews or screening calls, you're required to find that magical time slot that works for everyone involved. Scheduling interviews is time consuming task which involves proper management of staff and resources. You might have wondered, “How can I reduce the time I spend scheduling interviews, calls or rooms?” It’s easier than you think!

With the Picktime online interview scheduling software system, you can make scheduling task easier. Get top of the line appointment scheduling with an array of features that will benefit you and your business day after day.

With Picktime interview scheduling software, spend more time with your candidates and less time in interview scheduling. Picktime is a free online appointment booking software that can be used to schedule interviews and manage your staffs. Email threads trying to book a large number of appointments can quickly become confusing and trying to mark off available and booked time slots on a piece of paper is not favorable for improvements and changes to plans. If you are interviewing multiple applicants during a day or a few days then what you would want to do is mark these particular days as available for the interview and then give your Picktime business page link to your candidates. Applicants will only be able to book in the time frame that you allowed, they will select a time and the interview will be automatically booked. As soon as a slot is booked by one candidate it will not be available anymore to other candidates. In this case, everything is happening automatically and your calendar gets filled up with appointments without any further action on your part.

Key Features

  • 24hrs Email Support
  • Add Users and Services
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Different Types of Reports
  • Recurring Bookings
  • Separate Staff Login
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendar View
  • Integrates on your Website
  • Automatic text and email reminders
  • Set Custom business hours
  • Allow your clients to select their preferred staff
  • Reschedule Appointments

Benefits of Picktime for Interview Scheduling

Interview Scheduling

Take the hassle out of scheduling interviews by allowing candidates to seamlessly book with you based on your calendar availability. Create multiple event types and customize their settings. Schedule interviews in group. Use it for scheduling all of your meetings.

One click book now button

Put our book now button in your website and turn visitors into clients.

Don't have your own website?

With every account, Picktime provides a unique business URL that you can use to create your own booking page.


Picktime's scheduling engine was carefully crafted to make last minute changes as easy as possible. Whether your interviewers completely cancel, run late, or cause a complete mess, Picktime fixes it in moments.

Just click and drag

Picktime's design gives you a simple way to let your candidates select your availability. Your candidate just click and drag to create the blocks of time you have available and Picktime takes it from there. Happy candidates. Better interviews.

Automatic Interview Reminders

Email and sms notifications are sent to candidates after the booking is made and right before the interview as selected by your management staff.

So if you need a really simple and easy to use interview scheduling software give Picktime a try. You will be glad you did.


Picktime offers a free solution for scheduling needs. It is simple and extremely easy to use. It is the only scheduling platform where you can manage both your personal and business calendars all in one place. Signup now!

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