Business Events Scheduling Software

Business Events Scheduling Software

Have you ever noticed how many business events take place every week or every day? It can be business related workshops, training, conferences, networking, seminars and much more. If you are going to operate your own business events, then you probably need a user-friendly and easy to use booking system that will allow your future clients to find your company easily and make a booking.

Picktime Online event scheduling software will definitely suit your needs! It allows you to create as many services as you need and multiple service providers at free of cost. Your clients will only need to pick a date, choose a service, and time and confirm the booking. It is a free online appointment scheduler designed specifically for B2B events, workshops and meetings. It’s a fast, effective way for all participants to meet the right people and book appointments with each other.

Picktime is the solution for all your event scheduling and staff management issues. It is a great looking, professional interface to the booking system for your event business, organization or welfare. It can be accessed from any internet device with the browser (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and even in Smart TVs). Picktime can also sync with your calendar, ensuring you never get double booked and allowing for each meeting that’s scheduled in Picktime to appear on your calendar.

Key Features:

Benefits of Picktime for Business Events

Reduce Appointment Mistakes

Scheduling can become a nightmare for the event business if not planned and handled well. The field of event management has advanced in the use of technology in operational situations but the administration is still lagging with the constant changes. Picktime will make that system automated and systematic.

Clients Can Book From Your Website

Using Picktime, clients can book their appointments directly from your website. You can embed a Picktime booking widget or button on your website, or add a booking button to your email so clients can easily request appointments based on your availability. By placing Book Now button on your website, your clients can book their slots 24/7 online.

Reduce Volume of Appointment Calls and Increase Profits

Picktime guides clients through scheduling any service to ensure accurate and efficient completion according to the event managers and event planners. Within months you’ll see increased appointment volumes, elevated client access, improved market share, and assured revenue.

Manage all at one place

Clients can select several services to schedule all at once across multiple locations. Picktime allows you to manage your appointment schedules, staffs and clients at one place from anywhere.

Appointment Reminders

Picktime is not just an appointment book, it can also help you reduce missed appointments and therefore avoid lost revenue. We send automated email and sms reminders to clients so that they show up to their scheduled appointments.

Manage all your bookings from the Picktime online calendar

Worry less about your appointment scheduling problems with our appointment scheduling software. Have a glance at your calendar with just one click and you are set for your day.Enjoy your personal time and increasing business as you don’t have to deal with frustrated customers and scheduling chaos.

We understand how annoying it is to get disturbed by phone calls and dealing with customers whose appointments have mixed up. Picktime is the one stop solution for all your problems.

Register your free account today and have a stress free and healthy environment at your workplace.

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Picktime is one stop solution which address all your problems and helps you manage your time better.

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