Business Advisory Scheduling Software

Business Advisory Scheduling Software

Are you hesitant to pay for an extra staff just to book appointments on your behalf? We understand scheduling hassles can wreak havoc with your customer retention efforts. Fortunately, Picktime can help local business owners with this onerous burden. As an added benefit, also collect useful data about your clients that can be utilized for marketing campaigns.

Picktime can be tailored for use in almost any local business. It can be accessed without installation as it is web based appointment scheduling software. It can be used without the need for training or classes, and accessed via any web browser, even on tablets and mobile phones. It will reduce the workload for those doing the scheduling, but it will also reduce stress, disappointment, and loss of productivity caused by scheduling errors and risks.

Picktime can benefit a variety of businesses, from restaurants and hair salons to plumbers, freelance, and lawn maintenance services. Picktime can be used to make reservations, schedule appointments, request services, or schedule repairs online without the phone call. Using Picktime you can gather customer contact information, to add to your marketing database. Keep a record of customers and staffs, so that complaints or praise can be credited to the appropriate staff.

Key Features

  • Online Appointment Booking System
  • Access it from Anywhere
  • 24hrs Email Support
  • Automatic Reminders through Email and Text Messages
  • One click "Book Now" button on your Website
  • Multiple location access
  • Staff management
  • Recurring appointments

Benefits of Picktime for Business Advisory

Appointment scheduling made easy

Reduce appointment scheduling mistakes, decreasing revenue loss. Offer a quick, easy way, convenient for customers to schedule appointments. Provide access to current scheduling and customer information for all employees, from work and home, as desired. Manage vacations, work schedules, and holidays.

Attracting & Developing New Clients

The biggest challenge for business advisories is finding new customers. Let more people find you and meet you by placing a one click book now button on your website.

Maintaining Good Employees

When you are not assigning the perfect job responsibilities according to their capability and maintaining staff becomes tough reducing the work efficiency. Assign your services to particular staff only.

Ditch the medieval methods

If you are still using old school techniques for booking appointments your business will grow only at a snail’s pace. You will find many no-shows without proper appointment reminders. With our free appointment scheduling software say bye to excel sheets and hello to online booking.

Maintenance of client contacts

Maintaining client's contacts in a proper way allow you to send business proposals, services, and any promotion in the future. If your business is at many locations then maintaining contacts at one place is made easy. Increase the probability of future business with our booking system.


Picktime offers a free solution for scheduling needs. It is simple and extremely easy to use. It is the only scheduling platform where you can manage both your personal and business calendars all in one place. Signup now!

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