Physiologists Scheduling Software

Physiologists Scheduling Software

While patient growth certainly has its benefits, it also creates new difficulties for Physiologists and their staff. Processes and methods that previously were adequate may no longer be effective in handling a rise in patients, urging administrators to seek out alternatives and new technology and techniques to assist them and their patients. One process that almost immediately resulted in an increase in patients is appointment scheduling. This seemingly simple task can often become burdensome and challenging to staff members. This is especially true if the Physiologists facility continues to rely on the most standard and also the most inefficient manner of scheduling appointments over the phone.

Picktime, an online appointment scheduling system, allows individuals to conveniently and securely book their appointments with Physiologists online through any Web-connected device. They can typically access Picktime through a “Book Now” button found on your website or page, or from an URL provided to them by the Physiologists. You appointments get automatically booked without any staff interaction needed. In addition to online scheduling, Picktime also comes equipped with other beneficial features like automated e-mail and text message reminders, which the system sends out to patients and booked individuals on a specific date prior to their scheduled appointment.

Securing your information is our number one priority. Your data is backed up automatically and kept in ultra-secure facilities. Picktime is a robust Physiologist appointment scheduling software that is so easy to use. Take your practice to the next level, Picktime is the perfect application for all hospitals and doctor offices even if you are a one-man army or if you have multiple locations and multiple staff members. Allow your clients to schedule an appointment at their own convenience, remember that 60% of online bookings are made outside of office hours!

Key Features:

Benefits of Picktime for Physiologists

Free Client Scheduling Page & Website Integration

If you don’t have a website, never fear! Your Picktime account comes with a unique free patient scheduling page for your business. Grow your client list while you sleep. Get Picktime "Book Now" button to your existing website.


Gain more freedom by being able to check your appointments or schedule new ones, no matter where you are. Picktime is the modern appointment management software that syncs between all of your calendars. You can add and manage appointments from both admin and client interface at any time and from any device. This option is probably the most important one while you are looking for ways to simplify bookings and give your patients a chance to reserve the slot online just with few clicks.

Security and confidentiality of all client data

The security of our patient management software is without any doubt of highest standards because we never display your patient's details to anyone except you. It does not replace user's own security procedures but enhances Picktime data security by using double authentication during login process for all users who access the system.

Sending notifications to your patients

Our online booking system sends email and SMS notifications to your patients before the appointment or in a time preset by you to notify about the consultation, cancellation or rescheduling.

Reduce No shows

By sending automatic reminders through email and SMS help your patients to keep their appointments and increase your revenue. It's a proven strategy to reduce no-shows by up to 70%. Reminding your patients involves them actively in the decision to attend and results in much higher participation rates. Cancellations prior to the appointment enables you to reallocate appointment slots or redeploy your staff and resources. Picktime Appointment Reminder software improves your profits. Get organized!

Give Picktime a try, and find out how much simpler your day-to-day management can become.

Manage all your bookings from the Picktime online calendar

Worry less about your appointment scheduling problems with our appointment scheduling software. Have a glance at your calendar with just one click and you are set for your day.Enjoy your personal time and increasing business as you don’t have to deal with frustrated customers and scheduling chaos.

We understand how annoying it is to get disturbed by phone calls and dealing with customers whose appointments have mixed up. Picktime is the one stop solution for all your problems.

Register your free account today and have a stress free and healthy environment at your workplace.

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