Coaching Scheduling Software

Coaching Scheduling Software

In the era of advanced modern technologies, aggressive sports people or people who want to undergo coaching for other stuff, love it when they can simply go online and sign up for any class no matter where they are, day or night. It is very annoying to take calls from your clients at times you don’t want to take them. There are also much more important things like improving your business and strengthening your marketing campaign. With such important things to, you often cannot concentrate on them due to no shows, double bookings and lack of organisation.

With picktime you can let go of all your worries. Picktime is a free web based appointment class booking software for managing Tuition classes and Coaching Institutes of any type. Picktime is simple to use. Lecture scheduling is made easy with the help of our smart Picktime appointment scheduling system. Picktime is much more than just a online management software. It is a complete management system developed with inputs from hundreds of coaching entrepreneurs.

Key Features:

Benefits of Picktime for Coaching Centers or Individuals

A Better System to Manage Your Coaching & Tuition Classes

Time to dump those excel sheets and register books. Now manage your classes with Picktime. The simple and free class scheduling system that has everything you need to manage your Tuition Classes and Coaching Institute.

Recurring Classes

Coaching Services generally requires systematic recurring classes for a period of time in order to progress. With the help of Picktime, your students do not have to click twelve times to sign up for each class three times a week for a month. You can simply pick the days when the classes are available and set the number of recurring days. This way you can easily offer your students a package subscription for any of your classes.

Automatic Reminders

You and your students are busy with work and personal life. And to be honest, keeping all tasks and appointments in mind or running around with a register book at all times is challenging. Email and SMS reminders before classes will help your students to prepare themselves before training. In addition, automatic reminders are an exceptional solution for you to reduce student no-shows! Picktime also sends automatic reminders to each instructor and students so that they won't forget that they have a class.

Individual schedules for trainers/ coaches/ instructors

Managing individual schedules for each coach requires a lot of time that can easily be fixed with Picktime. All you need to do is to enter the class schedule of each trainer in the system and the calendar will automatically show their availability to students. Furthermore, you can give your trainers restricted access to the admin section so that they can manage their own working hours and bookings without seeing other instructor's schedules.

Avoid Double Bookings

Set the maximum size for each service providers, limiting the number of bookings that can be made at the same time. Set availability of service provider for group classes by mentioning the number of students per class. The slot will be blocked once the booking capacity reaches its limits.

Manage all your bookings from the Picktime online calendar

Worry less about your appointment scheduling problems with our appointment scheduling software. Have a glance at your calendar with just one click and you are set for your day.Enjoy your personal time and increasing business as you don't have to deal with frustrated customers and scheduling chaos.

We understand how annoying it is to get disturbed by phone calls and dealing with customers whose appointments have mixed up. Picktime is the one stop solution for all your problems.

Register your free account today and have a stress free and healthy environment at your workplace.

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Picktime is one stop solution which address all your problems and helps you manage your time better.

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