Yoga Trainers Scheduling Software

Yoga Trainers Scheduling Software

Yoga is the art and science of wellness and healing and as more people find the multiple health benefits of yoga, there exists a continuous need for qualified yoga trainers. If you have obtained an excellent physical, spiritual and mental health benefits of yoga for yourself, you may decide to become a yoga teacher to assist others to do the same. Do you Feel challenged to manage your yoga classes and schedule appointments efficiently? Have you ever considered using free appointment scheduling or free yoga class booking software for this purpose? We spoke with many yoga teachers about their experiences on managing their students and booking appointments and made a software to fit your needs.

Picktime is a free web based appointment scheduling software for all your appointment scheduling issues. Picktime allows your students to book their appointment and classes online. You can place one click “Book Class Now” button on your website and help customers have hassle free class bookings. Picktime can be accessed through any desktop, laptop, tablet, and Smartphones(Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry). Our software is a class booking software that allows you to manage all your appointments and bookings at one place. Yoga trainers can schedule their one on one trainings and as well group class trainings. There is no limit in picktime for appointment bookings and storing student contact databases. It is completely free.

Key Features:

Will your yoga business fail by not using our free yoga appointment booking software? No, but it could make appointment management easier and smooth which leads to a growth in your business with the following features:

Benefits of Picktime for Yoga Trainers

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Day Accessible

It is the huge benefit to Yoga teachers. Picktime can be accessed from anywhere in the world if you have a reliable internet connection(which is pretty much everywhere these days).

Great Integration with Official Websites

When you start using Picktime for the management of your yoga studio, it becomes much easier for you to keep your official website quite up-to-date. Basically, our Picktime yoga studio appointment management software will integrate with your official website easily so that you do don’t have to update your website periodically.

No installation and networking costs

Many Yoga business owners when starting out with buying yoga class scheduling software. With cloud computing you don’t have to worry about installation and networking our software.

No Overcrowded classes:

It is quite a difficult task to give the best experience to everyone. Some of your trainees like one on one sessions while others like group classes. With our group bookings add only a limited number of students to your class.

Set boundaries to your work life:

Yoga trainers are fully packed with yoga classes and their day job. With such hectic schedules it very difficult to draw lines between personal life and work life. Using our appointment booking calendar have an organised lifestyle.

Managing schedules, especially in the summer months:

use our specially designed class booking option so that you can manage your summer classes with ease. Limit the number of people attending and reduce classes with huge crowds.

How do you feel if all above challenges are solved by a yoga class management and appointment scheduling software. You might think it will cost more to get a software like that. But, the answer is NO. Register for free now!

Manage all your bookings from the Picktime online calendar

Worry less about your appointment scheduling problems with our appointment scheduling software. Have a glance at your calendar with just one click and you are set for your day.Enjoy your personal time and increasing business as you don't have to deal with frustrated customers and scheduling chaos.

We understand how annoying it is to get disturbed by phone calls and dealing with customers whose appointments have mixed up. Picktime is the one stop solution for all your problems.

Register your free account today and have a stress free and healthy environment at your workplace.

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Picktime is one stop solution which address all your problems and helps you manage your time better.

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