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No more double bookings

Tired of customers fighting over double bookings? Shuffling through never ending pages and excel sheets is never going happen with Picktime. Let customers book appointments only in the times you make available. Simply book and rebook classes, appointments with just a few clicks. You can also access the calendar from anywhere at any point of time. Mark holidays, time-offs and week offs of your staff and your business.

Plan all your personal events around your appointment. Forget being late for your appointments. Always be planned and informed about everything that is happening around you.

Picktime - Online Appointment Scheduling Software and Booking System

Recurring Appointments

Booking customers who have to repeatedly come to your salon or clinic always can be burdensome. With just a click book your client for all of their future or upcoming appointments.

Colour code your appointments

Give a specific colour to your service and know for what services your customers are coming in with just a glance at your screen.

Multiple Locations

Do you have more than one branch at different Locations? We have got your back. Know what is happening at your location from anywhere.

Picktime is totally FREE!

No credit cards and no limitations

Don't have a website?

Our team at Picktime has put effort into creating a platform that is SME friendly.
With just three steps the world is in your hands.
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Why Picktime?

Picktime is one stop solution which address all your problems and helps you manage your time better.

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