Would you like to know what your customers think of your services? Your customers are partners in your mission. Their perception of your business is the reality of the performance and efficiency of your business. Let your customers evaluate your business and express their opinion on your services and share their experiences with your staff.

You can automatically send feedback requests to your clients and customers after an appointment ends to get ratings on your services and staff. In addition, you may request ratings in numbers from your customers. Ask them to put forth their opinion on your services, the efficiency of your employees, availability of resources, and the overall ambiance.

Customer experience is a driving force of your business. Make sure that you highlight them to build trust and credibility for your business. For example, if you are a doctor or a lawyer, good client experiences and reviews will act as word-of-mouth and help you get more clients.

Customer reviews are essential for running any business- event management, accounting, health and fitness, education, etc. Reviews will let you know where you stand and how much you will need to improvise. Send feedback forms to customers after an appointment. Let your customers be your brand advocates and help you to expand your business.

You can also post the customer/client reviews on your website. Picktime will make your customer reviews visible on your booking page. Since customer satisfaction is the top priority of any business, you may also use those reviews as feedback.

We will help your business climb the ladder of success by facilitating quicker and simplified online appointment scheduling. Show off your efficiency on your website through customer reviews. Sign up now and get started with Picktime for free.


Picktime offers a free solution for scheduling needs. It is simple and extremely easy to use. It is the only scheduling platform where you can manage both your personal and business calendars all in one place. Signup now!

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